The Possibilities of Virtual Reality

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To some people virtual reality still seems like science fiction, but the fact of the matter is, that it is here and it’s just going to grow in popularity. There are many companies investing billions of dollars into the virtual reality industry with Oculus Rift in the lead. What these companies see that many people might not is the applicability of virtually reality to their businesses.

Virtual reality will allow brands to actively engage the target audience in an immersive ways that have never been done before. I predict that Virtual reality will be the next significant medium to advertising and public relations, and I am not alone. Facebook acquired Oculus Rift because they too see the potential.

Virtual reality is just around the corner but there are simplified types of it like what is in the marketplace today. The most basic ways of achieving virtual reality-like effects started Google’s use of phones as a virtual reality screen. Although virtual reality is just an expensive luxury right now, in five to ten years from now it will be much cheaper and as such many people will buy it. Once virtual reality has been adopted into mainstream media, it will be a valuable medium for advertisers to use to engage the target audience. Additionally public relations professionals will be able to expand brand content.

The applications of virtual reality are endless. As I mention in one of my previous post, gamification is currently trending into mainstream education. Once virtual reality is adopted and gamification is applied, education could be revolutionized. Instead of students just learning basic things, they would be applying them in virtual simulations. Right now students go to school to take tests, but virtual reality would offer a completely new way to teach the next generations.



My First Blog Post

communications spotlightI’m new to the blogosphere and this is my first attempt to begin blogging. As a senior at the University of Oregon, set to graduate in June, I am eager to share my observations as a communications professional.

It is my intention for this blog to provide insight into the world of communications. By discussing trends and issues in the industry, I hope this blog will help provide an understanding of the ever-changing communications industry.

You might be asking yourself why I named my blog after a medical term for a doctor’s opinion about what is going to happen in the future. The truth is that Hippocrates inspired me with his “Book of Prognostics.”

A doctor’s purpose is to study, diagnosis, and treat a patient’s problem, which is exactly what communications professionals do for their clients. Because of this, I see communications professionals as a type of doctor, whose patients are the businesses and organizations they help. Since I consider myself this type of doctor, and the focus of my blog is on emerging trends, I thought it would be fitting to name my blog Prognosis.

I am interested in everything that relates to the world of communications, but if I had to pick one thing that interests me most regarding it, it would be technology. Specifically, how technological advancements are shaping and altering the communications industry. Every time i see the news it seems like a new technology is is replacing an older one, which is why I am so fascinated by how the communications industry is affected.


– Nathan