Apple Refuses the FBI

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As everyone should already be aware, there was a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California on Dec. 2, 2015. During this attack, 14 people were killed and 22 were seriously injured. This mass shooting and attempted bombing on American soil has people fearing for their continued safety.

After the shooting, the FBI demanded that Apple create a backdoor into the shooter’s IPhone to retrieve information about the attack, but Apple refused. This has created a battle between the FBI and Apple, which has been going on for a couple months now. Eventually, the FBI was granted a federal court order requiring Apple to assist the FBI in retrieving data from the phone.

I bet you’re thinking, “no company would be foolish enough to refuse a court order from a federal judge.” Well you’d be wrong. After reading an article by Clare Lane, I learned that Apple not only continuously refused to comply with this order but the CEO stands by its decision. So why is Apple refusing to help the FBI?

The truth is that Apple already proposed four different ways to recover the information without requiring doing as the FBI demanded and building a backdoor into the IPhone. Apple even sent some of its best engineers to assist the FBI. It was then that the engineers discovered that the suggestions to recover the information were no longer possible. The key reason was that the FBI’s attempts to decrypt the phone before asking for help from Apple reset the phone, making it nearly impossible to access the information without a backdoor. Apple announced that the FBI messed up and Apple was refusing to comply with the court order to create a backdoor.

Apple’s reasoning behind not creating a backdoor is due to the catastrophic possibilities it could have. Although the government says that this backdoor would only be used to access this one phone, Apple explains that this would jeopardize the security of all IPhone. By creating a one backdoor, it could easily be modified and applied to any other IPhone.

We already know for a fact that the government invades our privacy; this was made publicly aware in 2013 by the Snowden leaks. Apple stands by its decision to not create a backdoor not only because of how the government could abuse it, but also because of the risk it poses to all of Apples customers.