Visuals Play an Increasing Role in Communications

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For a long time now visuals have played a significant role in the communications industry. What with social media playing such a significant role in our lives,This has never been truer than it is now. After reading an article by Megan Garber about instagramming food, I felt inspired to share my opinion about visual communications.

In Garber’s article she was talking about how Instagram was the surprise judge for an episode of Top Chef. The only thing that the Instagram community would judge would be how creative and appetizing the dish looks. Garber used this as an example to empathize how important visuals are for not only communications industry but for every industry.

Instagram was able to capitalize on this visual demand trend and use it to branch into new markets. For example, some of the people who watch Top Chef might not use Instagram, or know much about it. Now that Instagram is playing a role in other industries such as the cooking-television industry, more people are becoming aware of the significance of making things visually appealing. Even the chefs who had to cook the dishes were forced to think creatively and make a visually appealing dish instead of doing what they know and create something based on the taste.

The cooking industry isn’t the only one who is using images to speak to their audiences. Businesses are hiring creative individuals who can present information in creative ways. Infographics are a prime example of one of the new ways businesses are trying to convey information. Companies such as Coca-Cola are using infographics to educate the customers about its products. In one infographic used by them they show the effects of drinking a cola after one hour.

Many companies are already using visuals to highlight their products, which is why Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat are so effective for reaching target audiences. As visual communication tools continue to advance and new one are created, businesses that focus on visually engaging their audiences will stand out amongst competitors.


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